TOR Inport Race The Hague

TOR Inport Race The Hague


Juni 14, 2023


11:00 am


Guest Experience

We can offer one ticket (sometimes max. 2 tickets) for each Inport Race. Guests are on the VO65 boat as spectators and can’t participate in any sailing activities during the race.

How does the session look like:

  • Registration at Sailors Terrace in the Ocean Live Park
  • Safety briefing and waiver forms
  • Welcome coffee and snacks
  • The Ocean Race presentation
  • Change into sailing gear
  • Sailors Parade & Dockout show
  • Inport Race
  • Dock-in show
  • Inport prize giving ceremony
  • The ticket includes a branded t-shirt and cap.
  • Wet weather gear and safety gear will be provided for the session

Für weitere Informationen und Interesse kontaktiere uns bitte unter!



  • The Hague
  • Niederlande

Event Zeitplan

  • Juni 14, 2023 11:00 am   -   4:00 pm
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